Development Management

Comprehensive service


TNN LTD’s Development Management team offers a comprehensive service that spans the entire development process, from auditing properties and devising development strategies, through to the delivery of a completed project.

Areas that could be covered in an overall information technology strategy include:

  • computer systems administration
  • hardware acquisition
  • hardware maintenance
  • software acquisition
  • software maintenance
  • manual contingency systems
  • general office automation systems (such as word processing, desktop publishing, spreadsheet and presentation software)
  • specialised task-specific systems (of which there may be many, such as election specific systems like voter registration, polling place management, electronic voting and vote counting systems, as well as more generic finance and personnel systems)
  • systems integration and compatibility
  • system verification and testing
  • server management
  • stand alone systems
  • quality assurance
  • ensuring reliability of data
  • data archiving, backup and version control
  • systems maintenance
  • network administration
  • cabling
  • Internet
  • selection and recruitment
  • training and development
  • user support
  • help desk services
  • evaluation procedures
  • encryption
  • virus protection
  • physical environment concerns
  • insurance
  • privacy standards
  • public information policy
  • Strategies for special needs groups (for example, people who need language services, hearing assistance or visual assistance)
  • estimates and budgets
  • expenditure control
  • financial reporting
  • audit procedures
  • supply and inventory management
  • procurement policies
  • contract management


Ideally, the implementation of a particular item of technology should be part of an overall information technology strategy. Sometimes referred to as a strategic information systems plan, such a plan is generally a publicly documented vision of how information technology will be strategically managed in an organisation.

Some jurisdictions now require all government agencies to prepare and publish a strategic information systems plan.

An overall information technology strategy will encompass all aspects of an election management body’s (EMB’s) information technology needs. Mapping out these needs in general terms will serve to identify opportunities for obtaining new or upgraded technology, and will also indicate where economies can be achieved by pooling resources and using various items of technology for multiple uses.

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