Focus of Activities



For each project development step, starting with the land and roof area-acquisition, our qualified employees have many years of experience. All planning work is thereby preceded by the development of a coherent approach.

To ensure the network connection, a professional electrical design and the seamless planning and securingof routesfrom the solar or wind park to the point of supply is guaranteed.

Following the viewing and securing of the surface, the project development department hands over the project to the in-house planning department.

Here, all other technical drawings such as floor plans, circuit diagrams and component drawings necessary for the project development are created.

Using the software WindPro, calculations of sound propagation, the shadow cast by the turbines and the return simulations are created for the planned wind parks. Using the software PV * SOL, the planned photovoltaic plants are configured and the yield optimised.

Furthermore, to support the project development, before the securing of the land, a large-scale regional analysis of potential sites for wind and solar parks takes place using graphic information systems (GIS analysis).

Our core competencies include performing various approval processes, such as the establishment of a development plan, the amendment of a zoning plan, initiating an emissions control procedure according to an Emission Control Act or the successful completion of a planning permission process. The production of the relevant documents for this completes our range of services.

The monitoring of the construction process by our qualified staff right up to the commissioning and acceptance creates the ideal conditions for the reliable operation of the facilities.

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