Complex investments

There are many investments which are complex and difficult to understand (even for experienced investors). In this section, we provide a brief overview of some of these high-risk products and how they work. We recommend you seek professional financial advice before you invest in any of these products.

Think before you invest

Agribusiness schemes – Agriculture-related investments traditionally used to reduce tax

Protecting your capital may come at a cost or have risks you haven’t thought of

Buying and selling carbon credits or participating in carbon credit projects.

Receive interest payments by investing in a mix of loans and debts

Weigh up the risk of borrowing money to ‘bet’ on price movements of shares, foreign currencies or other listed assets

Products that are traded on the ASX listing market or the AQUA market. Some are relatively easy-to-understand, while others are complex and risky

Buy and sell foreign currency to make a profit

Buy or sell assets on a specific date in the future, at a set price

Funds using investment strategies that aim to make money in rising and falling markets

Offers a blend of debt and equity (share) features but carry higher risks than most types of corporate bonds

Find out how infrastructure investments work and the associated risks

A long-term investment with features similar to a managed fund combined with a life insurance policy

Funds that invest directly in private companies by providing capital and management expertise

A pair of related securities bound together

The right to buy a share via progress payments; like buying assets on lay-by

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