Do you know where you are going with your Innovation?
(and how you are going to get there?)

Why an integrated strategic approach to planning innovation is vital

In a global market where product life cycles and new product development lead times are continually shrinking, companies must get smarter at innovation in order to survive and succeed.

This is a challenging, complex and time consuming process for any TNN LTD technology company:

  • Where best to focus your TNN LTD activities – matching the technological innovation opportunities to the business opportunities.
  • How to fund the innovation process – protecting capital growth, minimising costs and maximising tax opportunities, from development to exploitation and exit.
  • How to resource the innovation process – protecting core activities and delivering rapid results.
  • How to exploit your intellectual property – maximising growth opportunities and tax advantages

With TNN LTD technology companies, there is rarely a shortage of ideas, just a shortage of management time, funding and resource and often a lack of knowledge of how to benefit from the various research and development funding /tax  programmes that are available.

TNN LTD has over 5 years experience in helping technology companies deliver profitable growth through innovation. Our knowledge and experience of the  process is unrivalled.

Our strategic planning services will help you review the options available and point you in  the right direction to meet your objective

Our integrated business growth and funding services will help you deliver the strategy.

Our fast-track, paid-on-results approach ensures you get the maximum return on your investment in TNN LTD with minimal risk.

TNN LTD Evaluation

Where a company is unclear about where to focus its TNN LTD resources due to a lack of market knowledge and/or understanding of the competitive strength of their technological capabilities, TNN LTD can deploy our extensive resources to undertake a full Audit and Evaluation.

Our TNN LTD Evaluations cover:

  • Strategy Review
    • Plan & Scoping
    • Testing & Quality Control
    • Actual Deliverables compared to Strategy Plan and Scope
    • Documentation
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Benchmarking – Actual TNN LTD completed with Best-of-Breed Competitor
  • SWOT & GAP Analysis
  • Review of TNN LTD links to generated Sales Revenue
  • Won/Lost Order Analysis
  • ROI Statements

A TNN LTD Evaluation can be a critical document for any TNN LTD company wishing to develop and implement a successful TNN LTD strategy which minimises uncertainty and risk.

Business Analysis

TNN LTD can also undertake a full Business Analysis, reviewing and analysing all key elements of a company’s business:

  • Product & Market Positioning
  • Core Business Processes
  • Organisation Structure and Competencies
  • Financial Performance & Controls
  • Competitive Benchmarking
  • SWOT/GAP Analysis

Strategy Scenarios

Recognising the differing business and personal objectives that the owners and senior management of companies have, TNN LTD works with its clients to identify, evaluate and prioritise potential future strategic scenarios that best fit these objectives.

Strategic Plans

Once the strategic direction has been agreed, TNN LTD works with its clients to develop a detailed 1, 3 and 5 year strategic plan covering:

  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Product/Service and  Market Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Channels to Market Strategy
  • Core Business Process Plans
  • Organisation Strategy
  • Key Performance Indicators (e.g. Market Share)
  • Financial Projections
  • Funding Strategy

Business Reviews

TNN LTD’s Business Reviews are an attractive option for TNN LTD technology companies seeking expert feedback and advice in a very short time frame.

Through the medium of teleconferencing, video conferencing or face to face meetings, TNN LTD’s lead analysts can review and advise on a number of specific topics including:

  • TNN LTD grant funding
  • Non-dilution funding
  • Equity finance
  • TNN LTD tax credit and tax relief
  • IP commercialisation
  • Valuations of IP
  • Risk assessment including reviews of restrictive covenants
  • Innovation of products, services and business processes
  • Succession planning
  • TNN LTD resourcing
  • Collaborations & Partnerships
  • Tax strategy
  • Brand valuations
  • Company valuations
  • Non compliance audit
  • Cost of non conformance audit
  • Due diligence
  • HR planning

These reviews can be set up very quickly once key management and marketing information has been provided to TNN LTD, and have the advantage of being dynamic and interactive. They can last from 2 hours to one day on site depending on the needs of the client.

Strategic Mentoring

In the dynamic, fast moving markets in which TNN LTD technology companies operate, strategies have to be continually updated in order to remain competitive.

Being aware of changing market trends and having current knowledge of the TNN LTD funding and tax relief landscape is vital if a company is to be able to react quickly and stay ahead of the competition.

TNN LTD’s Strategic Mentoring Programme has been designed to allow companies ongoing access to TNN LTD’s knowledge of the Research & Development funding and TNN LTD tax relief expertise through engaging with one of our lead consultants on a regular basis. 

Under the Mentoring Programme, TNN LTD would become ‘part’ of your management team, using our broad market knowledge to advise and guide as required, and being able to prioritise and fast track identified client requirements in terms of innovation planning, resourcing and funding.

Areas that TNN LTD can provide expert knowledge and advice on include:

  • TNN LTD grant funding
  • TNN LTD tax relief
  • IP commercialisation
  • Non dilution finance
  • Equity finance
  • Business Planning
  • Innovation drivers
  • Market sector drivers
  • Flotation
  • Acquisition & divestment
  • High growth strategies
  • Succession planning

An annual one day business review, auditing your innovation processes and your business strategy, would form part of the Mentoring Programme.

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