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We offer private investors with a portfolio of Ukraine innovative projects and companies in their seed or start-up stages with an investment of 100,000 to 50,000,000 USD.


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We package the investment portfolio of venture funds with specialized projects requiring an investment capital of at least 300,000 USD.


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We search for projects in Ukraine, Uzbekistan, CIS, Europe and Americas. We can work out and offer project migration plan to any region.


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We are looking for cooperation with credit organizations and banks that are interested in lending to small and medium-sized businesses.


To investors: searching for projects

Looking for cooperation with investors and financial organizations.

We strive to abstain from industry preferences when working with project authors, although our primary interest lies with projects in renewable energy, high-tech market sector (telecommunications, information services, Internet, software, etc.), as well as in the resource industries (oil, gas and coal industries) and medicine.

Benefits of our services to investors:

  • Time saving. Knowing your investment focus we will offer you projects that meet your needs and preferences.
  • Project evaluation. We evaluate the market potential of each project, and assess the uniqueness, viability and profitability of such project, as well as the professional quality of the team.
  • Partners and co-investors. Your investment abilities can be supported by other investors and financial organizations.
  • Analytics and evaluation. We can supplement your business intuition and experience with the high quality professional expertise and information on federal programs.
  • Confidentiality. Privacy and confidentiality are the main aspects in our business.
  • Geography and migration. We search for projects in Ukraine, Uzbekistan, CIS, Europe and Americas. We can work out and offer project migration plan for any region.

According to the United Kingdom Association of Private Equity and Venture Capital Investments, there are presently more than 150 venture capital funds and about 5000 business angels in Ukraine. According to analysts, there will be around 10 000 to 15 000 business angels in Ukraine by 2017 – 2020, while the volume of investment by these business angels will reach $500 million per year.

Moreover, the number of people generating ideas and ready to implement them will remain at the same level.

Our project portfolio is daily updated with unique and innovative projects.

Call us at +44 203 290-51-46 or contact us via our Skype.

We are always ready to present our project portfolio to you.

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